Hawk Logistics Ltd is a spin-off hazardous waste disposal company born out of the multi-mergers of the late 1990's. Hawk Logistics is a specialty hazardous and residual waste handling company providing transportation and disposal solutions to commercial and industrial clients. Due to increasing liability issues involved with this type of work, clients depend on the expertise of Hawk Logistics to safely and cost effectively resolve specific disposal problems with regards to liability, quantity, difficulty, and location. Hawk Logistics assists customers by combining permitted disposal facilities with cost effective logistical solutions. As a specialty company, Hawk Logistics concentrates it's efforts on high profile or high degree of difficulty projects.

Hawk Logistics Ltd offers solutions to highly difficult disposal problems. Many of Hawk Logistics methods are innovative as we are continually looking for better and cheaper ways of meeting and exceeding government regulations which are continuously evolving in the waste disposal industry. Our method of personalized, conscientious, and environmentally concerned one-on-one service, assures the generator that their wastes are being disposed of using the latest technological methods which best suits the generator's needs. More than just a transporter, Hawk Logistics uses a vast and ever growing network of environmental specialists and state-of-the-art treatment and disposal facilities, which insure that no details are overlooked with regards to pricing, liability, safety, and compliance.

Hawk Logistics Ltd treats every project, large or small, with the same consistent care and attention to detail it deserves, giving the customer a level of service that can not be matched by the larger waste management companies.